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oral health specialists

Specialist Doctors:


 Dr. Júlio Ribeiro Silva

 Dr. Márcia Cabrelli


periodontics and paediatric dentistry

We have a team specialized in Dental Aesthetics


» Implantology

» Teeth Whitening

» Periodontics

Before and After

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Placement - final stage
Gap filling - initial stage
Gap filling using Ceramic Dental Veneers - final stage
Dental Aesthetics
Dental Aesthetics
Dental Aesthetics
Dental Treatments
Teeth whitening - initial stage
Dental Treatments
Dental Aesthetics
Dental Aesthetics

Ceramic Dental Veneers



Dental veneers are made of a thin ceramic sheet that, when glued to the tooth, allows improving its appearance. Their use is recommended when the teeth show a significant discoloration or when they have been subject to many previous restorations.


Their main advantage is allowing to obtain an excellent look in a conservative way, because the dental preparation that is necessary to apply a veneer is minimal.

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Clínica de Medicina Dentária Sorriso de Loulé (Loulé)
Loulé - Dental Aesthetics - Clinical Cases

Dentists: Dr. Júlio Ribeiro Silva and Dr. Márcia Cabrelli, Oral Health specialists

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